Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. Friday night Todd and Evan went on their first father's and son's camping trip and had a blast. All day saturday we worked out in the yard getting a small garden planted. The kids had a blast playing in their kiddie pool in the shade. That evening we grilled hamburgers, stuffed jalepenos, corn-on-the-cob, and watermelon. It was a beautiful day too!

Today Todd woke up just before 6 and made me a special breakfast in bed (something he has never done for me before). He made and "adult" grilled cheese sandwich that he had heard about from someone at work. Since he had never made it before, he got up extra early so he could figure it out. It was so sweet! He even made a little menu with checkmarks and had the kids bring it in to me (of course he had the preferred meal choice starred and frist on the list). It was adorable and made the day so special.

All in all, this has been the best Mother's Day I have ever had. I absolutely am in LOVE with being a mother!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Pictures

I took these pictures the week after Easter since I worked Easter sunday. We spent a whole 10 minutes at the temple with the wind blowing my hair in front of my face. I prayed I got some good pictures and I was very pleased.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I wish, I wish

I think most of the comments I make about this house start with those two words. Today I want to make my house mine by throwing paint on the walls and getting more decorations up. Then I decide on colors and realized EVERYTHING clashes with the horrid green carpet. I wish.... I could replace this carpet!

I'm caught in the place where I want all the fix-ups done at once, and there isn't enough money to do even one of them. All in time, I know!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wish We Had Our Garden

So the last post told of sprinklers not being fixed, which now are Yay! I've realized the reality of how much lawn we have when I did the first mowing... with a push lawn mower. Holy cow! All I can say is that I better lose some weight this summer!

We took the kids to the temple grounds this morning to take some pictures of them in their Easter clothes. I love that my kids pretend to be royalty and the temple is so special to them. Evan is always saying things about "when I get married in the temple..."

So, with the last post I said I hope the sprinklers would be fixed soon, and now they are! With that said, the next post should have our garden going. I can wish, right?

We did get our playset put back up. Now our yard looks like our yard, and the kids are really happy. As we were digging through stuff, both of the kids found their life jackets and wore them around all day. Evan even added his bike helmet. It's pretty bad when the parents put together the playset, and the kids play on it wearing bike helmets and life jackets. Don't they trust us?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Again

I don't blog much these days. Since we bought a house and sold one in the past few weeks, our time has been scarce and stress has prevailed at our house. The selling of our house was sad and we were angry about how the appraisal turned out, but the young couple who bought it love it and they are adorable. That being said, our new house is great. We have a lot of kinks to work out before we can get our grass greener and the house less green, but it will all take some time. We just have to be patient!

Our kids have been so good with all the stress surrounding them. They are loving the house too. It's hard to believe that Evan is nearly done with kindergarten. He has done so well this year. The thing that excites him the most is that he can now pick up any book and read it to us. We are incredibly proud of how well he is doing. He has picked up naughty words and behaviors from school though and willingly shares them with Madi. Grr!

Madilyn is all drama and emotions. A girl, right? She speaks so much better than Evan did at this age. I love watching her talk because her eyes are SO expressive! She is always the little shadow following me around the house all day. I just wish the kid would stop getting sick all the time. I swear her sicknesses come from her sucking her fingers. How in the world do I get her to stop?

Someday we will have all of our boxes unpacked, and the house more organized. Between both of us working full-time and trying to get the sprinkler system in the yard fixed, there hasn't been a lot of time for putting things in their rightful places. I was just glad to get pictures up on the wall. We still have a lot to do, but we are glad we decided to make the move and be out of our 2 bed/ 1 bath and into a 3 bed/ 2 bath with an acre of land. Plus, Central has been great!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on Being a Nurse

Being a nurse is hard, especially when I have kids to care for at home and feel guilty for workig full-time. I would stay at home if I could. Some days are really hard at work--draining stress, difficult patients, or the all-too-common bickering amongst fellow staff members. Then you couple all that with the terrible economy and the news of no raises and the loss of hospital income. Grrr... sometimes I wonder why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place.

This week I floated to the medical-surgical floor on a particularly busy day. I think we turned over half the census with new patients... some of them so time-consuming! The one thing that makes me sad about what I saw that day was the after-math of the lifestyle changes some of the patients were experiencing. Thank you work of wisdom! I came home tired, sad, and so glad that I get to work in OB.

In stark contrast, the next two days I spent a lot of time with a labor induction of a sweet family who was so appreciative of my care. They thanked me many times over for the care I rendered. Then the icing on the cake... 16 minutes before the end of my shift after two days of an agonizing induction for this young lady, her baby made its presence. I love birthday parties! Life is such an amazing miracle! Every time I help with a delivery, feeligs of amazement consume me. This partifular family made me feel like a million dollars with the appreciation they showed me.

Yes, I am happy that I chose to be a nurse. Thank you to all those who thank their nurses!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Days until 6 years old

I can't believe how quickly my little Evan is growing up. Starting school seems to be the point where your kid becomes "BIG." Talking back, making friends, and making me SO SO proud! Evan has been such a joy and blessing to us since the day he was born. Something about his chocolate brown eyes and gorgeous smile just sucks me in, and he has the sweetest personality to go along with to good looks! I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to get to claim this little man.

So what are we doing for the special little man? We are taking him to the Arizona Museum of Natural History so he can see the dinosaurs. It's going to be a fun day celebrating with this man dinosaur style!